Sharon Bernstein
Sharon Bernstein is a singer, pianist, composer, and cantor seeking resonances between text, image and music, inner and outer, friend and stranger, tradition and innovation.  Her work is built on Yiddish songs, Italian Jewish musical traditions, rhythms, melodies, and harmonies from across the Jewish spectrum, original compositions and arrangements.
“Throughout the evening Sharon succeeded in creating a show -- it is indeed more appropriate to call it a show than a concert -- which was extraordinary for the vitality and variety of the songs presented, for her stage presence, and her ductile voice, at times ironic, sweet and persuasive; a voice that can unfold in a thousand nuances, now whispering, almost speaking, and now spreading out in a song rich in resonance, followed with enthusiasm by an attentive and participating audience.”
-- Enrico Fubini, musicologist (author of "A History of Music Aesthetics")
That spark within, and with-out. 
Notes that ring, sing, blend, and chime.
Words that buzz, delve, describe.